What is Auto-Approval?

Instead of funding your employee cards, or having them request funds when needed, you can enable an Auto-Approval for your employee. The Auto-Approval will allow for the employee to add money up to the set amount in one month, without having to have Administrative approval for the funds.

To set an Auto-Approval for an employee:

1. Login to the Dash app.

2. Select "TEAM" from the menu bar on the top left-hand side.

3. Select the employee you would like to set the Auto-Approval for.

4. Select "AUTO-APPROVAL".

5. Enter the amount that you would like the employee to add to their card on a monthly basis and select "SUBMIT".

The funds will be immediately transferred to the employee card upon their own request.

If you would like to disable an employee's Auto-Approval, set it to $0.00.


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