How do I initiate an ACH?

To fund your Dash account, you will need to initiate an ACH from your linked bank account. To learn how to link a bank account, click here.

To initiate an ACH transfer:

  1. Login to the Dash app
  2. Select "YOUR CARD" from the menu on the top-left hand side.
  3. Select the icon on the bottom right-hand side.
  4. Select "DEPOSIT FUNDS".
  5. Select the bank from which you want to transfer funds.
  6. Enter in the amount to transfer.


PRO TIP: ACHs take 5 business days to land in your Company Vault. To ensure that your funds are available when needed for spending, we suggest initiating an ACH 5 business days prior to when the funds are needed (ie 5 days before the first of the month, 5 days before the last of the month...).


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