How do I spend money on the card?

After you are approved you can go thru the process of setting up your bank account via micro-trial deposits and moving funds over to your account.  Because we mail your card out as soon as you are approved, the cards should arrive just around the same time as the money arrives to your account if you do it all right after you set it up.  

Check to make sure your card is active by going to menu/your initials and name setting tab -- the very top tab.  It should show card X____ with the last 4 digits of your card number.  That will also show the balance on that card. 

If you need to request money on the card, go to the mobile app.  You have many options for how to manage money.  If you want to request money as you need it, you can do just that.  An administrator will have a red funding request pop up on the Dash homescreen for approval.  As soon as you approve the money, refresh the screen and the money will be there.  

If you want to set limits, go to menu/people/click on the person whose card you want to manage/click on “monthly auto-approve.”  You can allow the employee to draw down funds without making the request easily by setting an auto-approve limit.  When they reach that limit, they can make a request for additional funds which you can approve or deny.

You should use this card like a credit card as it does not allow cash withdrawals.  But if it asks you for a debit pin, you can also set that up in the mobile app.  Either go to the mobile app or  Click on menu/your name(top option with your initials and email)/scroll to update pin.

If the point of sale asks you to enter a zip code, you should enter the business zip code. 

You should know some retail locations, such as restaurants, will authorize 20% more than the transaction price to leave room for gratuity.  Your settled amount will reflect whatever gratuity you decided to leave, not what was authorized originally.  But to ensure you have sufficient funds to make the transaction, it’s a good practice to make sure you 20% more than the amount of the transaction available on the card at the time of the swipe.  

Always let us know if you have questions/concerns: 

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    Can my Lowe's Pre Load card be used at retailers other than Lowe's?