I was just approved for the Dash Prepaid MasterCard. What should I do first? 

Download the app.

The Dash app is free to download on your smartphone. Click here to download the Dash app from the App Store. Click here to download the Dash app from the Google Play store. 

If you would like to access your Dash account using your Desktop, click here to access the mobile app.

The Dash PrePaid MasterCard works in conjunction with the mobile app. From the mobile app, you can view your card balance, and manage your purchase history by classifying your work expenses and uploading receipts. Administrators can also add employees, approve funding requests, and have real-time oversight into how company funds are being spent.

Using the Welcome email sent to you, log into your Dash account with your email address and the temporary password found in the email.
If you are Administrator your next steps are:
- Add and verify a funding source. Click here to learn how to add and verify a funding source
- Initiate an ACH transfer. Click here to learn how to initiate an ACH.
- Add employees. Click here to learn how to add employees.

If you are an employee, you can request funds to be sent to your card. Click here to learn how to request funds.

If you have any questions along the way, please don't hesitate to reach out to support@getdash.io.
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    Jeff Marquis

    do you know how many Dash apps are on the mobile devise?
    Any suggestions to find the correct APP?

  • Avatar
    Brandon Femmer

    Use Karmic Labs as a search term.